Tour of Beers

The 2021 Tour of Beers marks our 35th year of exploring the world through import and craft beer! We begin the year with 75 bottles and cans to choose from; 20 of those changing seasonally. Our draft program has expanded with 4 new handles this year and along with the bottle and can list, we will feature over 30 different styles of beer to start. It leaves us room to expand the list, if possible, throughout 2021. We are excited about the 2021 Tour of Beers and can’t wait for you to try some of the new beers we have selected for you this year! $20.00 is all it takes to get signed up and get touring!

Once signed up at your preferred Winking Lizard location, this will be considered your home store. You can receive credits for beers at any Winking Lizard or Lizardville location. Credits for beers are available for both dine-in and to-go.

Finish 50 beers and receive a logo’d Hermosa portable power bank. Finish 100 beers and receive a $20.00 Winking Lizard gift card and your choice of the coveted Tour Jacket or Movie Night Popcorn kit. Want to give back to a great organization? Donate your coat to Coats for Kids. Instead of receiving your coat, Winking Lizard will make a donation to Coats for kids in the amount of $50.00. Finish 150 beers and receive a logo’d sweatshirt.

Let's get touring!

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